Dr. Jacob Autumn

Dr. Autumn, noted Evangelion expert and survivor of the second impact is the operations director at NERV's Vancouver installation.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel SR
28 33 31 30 30 43 32 33 39 0
Wounds Current Total
12 12
Critical Damage
Fate Points Current Total
2 2
Ego Barrier 100
Insanity Points 3
Experience Spent Available
Pistol Sidearm
Range 30 m Class Pistol
Damage 1d10+1 Impact Pen 0 RoF S/2/- Clip 12 Rld Full
Special Reliable Weight
Class Damage Pen Weight
Head R. Arm L. Arm Body R. Leg L. Leg
Movement, Lifting, and Carrying
Half Full Charge Run
1 2 3 6
Base Leap Base Jump
Carry Lift Push
36 72 144
Skill Stat Trained +10 +20
Awareness Per
Barter Fel
Carouse T
Charm Fel x
Climb S
Command Fel x
Common Lore (Science) Int x
Common Lore (War) Int x
Common Lore (Second Impact) Int x
Concealment Ag
Contortionist Ag
Deceive Fel
Disguise Fel
Dodge Ag
Evaluate Int
Gamble Int
Inquiry Int
Intimidate S
Literacy Int x
Logic Int
Medicae Int x
Scholastic Lore (Evangelions) Int x
Scrutiny Per x
Search Per
Security Ag
Silent Move Ag
Speak Language (English) Int x
Swim S
Tech Use Int x

Melee weapon training (general)
Pistol weapon Training (general)
Cut Synch
Talented (Scholastic Lore: Evangelion)
Precision Targeting
AT Powers


Just Try Me (-3 Insanity points every time I gain them (minimum 1))
Imprint (Spend fate point to automatically succeed on Lore rolls)
Trauma (Starting with 3 insanity points)
Loss (-10 willpower test (or -30 if I know them) or else I immediately intervene to save someone)
Academic: (some extra skills and I get 20 when choosing the ‘education’ downtime option)
Physically challenged (I’m in a wheelchair)
Insanities, Instabilities, & Coherency Disruptions


Dr. Jacob Autumn

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